New Renter Information Needed by Harbour Point Community Assn

New renters should complete this form when lease is signed. Information will be forwarded to Harbour Point's property management company as well as the HPCA webmaster.

Please note that all information is required before key fobs, gate clickers, and kiosk entries will be activated. The Property Manager will confirm lease details with the Owner before Renter will be given access to the community.

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Is boat slip Included in rental?
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For use at the front entrance kiosk:
Your code must be 5 digits between 01000 and 65534, cannot match a street address in Harbour Point (e.g. can't be 03770), and cannot be an easily guessed pattern like 11111, 12345, etc. 
5 digit code to use at kiosk *
Show name on kiosk?
If you choose to have name displayed on kiosk, your entry will be in the form LAST,X+Y where LAST is your last name and X and Y are the first initials of the heads of household. If heads of household have different last names, each last name will have a separate entry.

If you have your name displayed, provide at least one and up to 3 phone numbers that will be called by the system when a guest selects your name at the kiosk. Refer to the Front Entrance FAQs for more information on how to allow guests access to the community via this method.

Phone numbers to link to name in kiosk. Provide at least one, up to three separated by commas. *

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