Amenity Reservation and Rental FAQs

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As a privately owned community, only Owners can reserve and/or rent amenities.
For an event open to all Harbour Point residents, the amenity should be reserved, and no fees apply. For a private event and/or one open to non-residents, an Owner may reserve and rent an amenity.
The amenities available for reservation/rental include

  • The Captain’s Room on the upper level of the Clubhouse which includes use of the small upstairs kitchen and appliances, the Map Room, and the upper level covered deck.

  • The Multi-Purpose Room on the lower level of the Clubhouse, between the Grille area and the Fitness Center.

  • The Pavilion which includes only the open-air deck portion.

  • The Pool; these reservations and rentals are allowed for non-holidays Monday through Thursday and do not provide exclusive use of the amenity during the reservation/rental period.

* Only one Clubhouse amenity can be reserved at any given time but the Pavilion can be reserved in conjunction with a Clubhouse amenity; e.g. the Pavilion and the Captain's Room.
Depending on the amenity, a private party can include up to 70 guests, including family, friends, and/ or associates of the Owner. Events in excess of 70 people are not allowed except for certain HPCA functions such as the Board of Directors Meetings and Social Committee functions open to the entire community, e.g. New Year’s Eve Party, 4th of July Party, etc.
Amenity  # Attendees   Rental Fee   Security Deposit 
 Captain’s Room  0 to 40 $150 $300
 Captain’s Room  41 to 70 $300 $600
 Multi-purpose Room  0 to 10 free $50
 Multi-purpose Room  11 to 20 $75 $150
 Multi-purpose Room  21 to 40 $125 $250
 Pavilion  0 to 25 free $100
 Pavilion  26 to 70 free $200
 Pool  0 to 10 free n/a
 Pool  11 to 20 $50 n/a
 Pool  21 to 40 $100 n/a
  • The rental fee provides for a basic cleaning by our cleaning staff.

  • The Owner should walk through the amenity area with the Property Manager and/or a Clubhouse Committee member before the event to review the state of the amenity and after the event to ensure the rental area has been restored to its original condition and layout. Should damage be detected or heavy cleaning be needed due to spills or other mishaps, the amount necessary to clean and/or repair the amenity will be deducted from the security deposit at the discretion of the Property Manager. If the repair exceeds the security deposit, the Owner will be responsible for the extra cost as well and will be notified within ten days of the repair cost being confirmed.

  • The Property Manager will return/refund the remainder of the security deposit once the amentiy has been assessed and all cleaning/damage has been addressed as necessary.
No amenity can be rented for commercial or political events. Each year, up to four charitable events can be held with no rental fee; advance approval of the Board is required. These events may benefit organizations such as the Salvation Army, Military Officers Association, etc.
First check the Facilities Reservation calendar to determine whether there are any existing events that conflict with the reservation you'd like to make. If the calendar doesn't show a conflict, contact the Property Manager to indicate your desire to reserve the amenity, complete an Application for Reservation Agreement, and send it to the Property Manager ( along with any required fee and security deposit.
  • While Owners cannot reserve the pool for exclusive use, pool events may be scheduled through the Property Manager ( for non-holidays Monday through Thursday.

  • If there are more than 10 children, both the Owner and a certified lifeguard must be at the event. The Owner is responsible for hiring the lifeguard. In addition, an obligated adult must be in attendance for every 5 children, e.g., 4 adults (including the sponsoring Owner and lifeguard) for an event of 20 children.

  • All events are subject to the approval of the Pool Committee and the Board member responsible for the pool.

  • Set up for the event will be limited to the area at the end of the pool closest to the Peninsula and must include signs indicating that the pool party is a private event. These signs should be obtained from the Property Manager before the event.
The Owner renting the facility MUST be present during the entire function and ensure
  • Adherence to the rules for the use of the facility.

  • Floors are vacuumed, and furniture is returned to the original location as described in the loose-leaf binder available at the Clubhouse.

  • The facility must be secured at the end of the function.

  • All trash receptacles must be emptied and trash bags placed in the dumpster at the side of the Clubhouse.

  • Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere in the Clubhouse.

  • No candles, paint, tape, or tacks are allowed on the walls, ceilings, cabinets, or furniture within the amenities.

  • No glass containers are allowed on the upper deck or in the pool area.

  • No wet bathing attire is allowed in the Multi-Purpose Room or anywhere on the upper level of the Clubhouse.

  • Music must cease by 10:30pm Sunday thru Thursday and by 12:30am Friday and Saturday. The music level should be monitored at all times by the Owner to ensure it is not objectionable to nearby residents.

  • Events should end by 11:00pm Sunday thru Thursday and by 1:00am on Friday and Saturday.

  • For any function involving children under the age of 18, there must be at least one adult for every eight children in attendance.

  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold on Harbour Point grounds. Any person who is shown to be intoxicated can be asked to leave an event in a Harbour Point Facility. Care should be taken not to let the individual drive.

  • No one under 21 years of age may consume alcohol at any event within Harbour Point, and the Owner is responsible for ensuring that alcoholic beverages, if available, are not consumed by underage attendees.

  • For Clubhouse rentals of the Captain's Room or Multi-Purpose Room, two signs (available at the Clubhouse) should be posted at the entrance of the venue stating that a private party is in progress. If possible, the private event should be listed on the Facilities Calendar alerting residents to the use of the facility for a private party.

  • Parking for any event must be in accordance with the HPCA regulations and guidelines. Owners are responsible for coordinating the parking of their guests using overflow parking at either the Pavilion or Clubhouse, depending on the facility being rented.

  • Owners having events at the Pavilion, Clubhouse, or Pool are responsible for putting trash in the trashcans or in the dumpster on the south side of the Clubhouse.
  • All reservations are available on a first come-first served basis, and the HPCA Board must approve all rentals and reserves the right to reject an application or impose additional requirements based on the type of event and the ages and nature of the attendees.

  • HPCA reserves the right to block dates for reservation/rental and may reserve amenities for use by Committees, Town Hall Meetings, etc. This will include events sponsored by standing committees of the Association for certain holidays and high utilization weekends. The Property Manager is the sole arbiter of any schedule conflicts.

  • Any event that is open to the entire community must be coordinated through the Social Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. Such events are open to all Residents and will take priority over private rentals.

  • In all cases the pool, pool deck areas and the lower level patios are not part of any private party rental. Accordingly, any rental function in the Clubhouse cannot spill over into the pool area and the lower level patios.