Racquet Club & Basketball FAQs

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Racquet Club hours of operation are from 6 am - 10 pm. Please be courteous to your neighbors and limit your play to these hours.
Courts are for Harbour Point residents and their accompanied guests only. Non-residents’ league play with Harbour Point resident participation is allowed.

See below for when courts #3 and #4 can be used for tennis play.
Tennis league play and scheduling may use courts #3 and #4 outside the community pickleball schedule (see details below). Tennis players using courts #3 and #4 should carefully release the nets' wheel locks and remove pickleball nets and stands before play and replace them after play, positioning the nets at the designated marks and leaving the net in a relaxed position. Residents should make sure the wheel lever is pushed down to lock the wheels.
Because of reduced court demand due to COVID19, pickleball sessions are currently as follows:
  • Monday 9-11 am - Mixed doubles pickleball
  • Wednesday 9-11 am - Mixed doubles pickleball
  • Saturday 9-11 am - Mixed doubles pickleball
The mixed doubles and monthly pickleball social normally held on Wednesday evenings are on hold for the time being.

When circumstances allow, we will move back to the pre-COVID19 schedule:
  • Monday 9-11 am - Women’s pickleball
  • Wednesday 9-11 am - Instructional pickleball class/mixed doubles
  • Wednesday 7-9 pm - Mixed doubles pickleball
  • Saturday 9-11 am - Men’s pickleball
  • 4th Wednesday of each month 7 pm – Pickleball Social
Players can schedule court times using Reserve My Court. Under Facility, look for "Harbour Point Yacht Club" to find our courts.
We do not currently have a means for reserving the basketball court; please work with other players to avoid conflicts and accommodate one another.
Before leaving the Racquet Club area, residents are responsible for closing court gates, turning off lights, closing bathroom doors, and cleaning up the area. After play, the last pickleball players are responsible for leaving the pickleball nets in a relaxed position by releasing the top velcro tension strap on each end; the wheel lever should be pushed down to lock the wheels.
Glad you asked!
  • Only shoes specifically designated for court use are allowed for play inside the court area.
  • Some things don't mix well with the facilities. Gum, food, glass containers, and tobacco products are not permitted inside the court area. Same goes for pets as well as bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and any other mechanical apparatus not designed for racquet courts.
  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult inside the court area.
  • Your neighbors who live near the courts greatly appreciate you keeping loud noise to a minimum, and resident users are asked to ensure that non-residents comply.