Trash & Recycling FAQs

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Red Oak Sanitation provides trash and recycling pickup services for Harbour Point residents. If you have trash or recycling needs beyond what Red Oak offers, please see the last question for information on services offered by Hall County.

Our weekly service day is Friday. PINK weeks are trash and recycling. GREEN weeks are trash only.  

Your trash container(s) should be placed out the night before the service day. Each cart should be placed within 3 feet of the curb and at least 3 feet from mailbox with handles facing the house; containers should be separated by at least 1 foot. Having your trash out the night before will help cut down on service issues. Containers should be taken inside the same day as pickup.
Red Oak cannot guarante exact pickup times because route service times fluctuate due to volume of trash and yard waste collected weekly. Harbour Point residents report that trucks typically show up between 6:45am and 10am.
Residents receive a 95 gallon cart with a brown lid for trash. Extra trash cannot consistently exceed 50 gallons on a weekly basis or an additional cart will be required for $7/month billed to the individual homeowner via monthly draft.
Those interested in recycling must call Red Oak directly to order a recycling container. Recycling clients receive one 95 gallon pink lid cart or an 18 gallon bin for recycling. Recycling contents must meet Red Oak's recycling guidelines.
Due to changes in the recycling industry, Red Oak does not accept glass.
Red Oak observes six holidays annually: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. When one of these holidays falls on a weekday, Harbour Point's service day will be on Saturday instead of Friday.
You can opt in for Red Oak text notifications of holiday schedule or inclement weather by texting your name, email, and home address to 678-455-7819. This number can be used for both texting and calling so you only need to store one phone number for Red Oak in your phone.
Residents who would like to have a bulk item removed can call to arrange the extra service. The entire community no longer pays for a service the majority of residents don’t ever use. Please note that Red Oak Sanitation does not remove construction debris or items from remodels. Some bulk items may need to be broken down or recycled; please consider this before contacting Red Oak. If you would like help with a clean up job, recycling an item, or need assistance removing larger bulk items like white goods (washers, dryers, refrigerators), Red Oak's recommendation is to call Jerry with Carefree Salvage at 470-302-0064.
Up to 5 bundles/bags of yard waste are allowed per week. All yard debris must be contained in bags, bundled, or placed in small containers designated as yard waste. All yard waste must be cut and bundled in sections no greater than three (3) feet in length and no larger than twelve (12) inches in diameter. Bags, cans, or bundles cannot exceed twenty (20) pounds in weight. Larger branches & limbs cannot exceed (3) inches in diameter and 3 feet in length. Red Oak equipment is not able to take any construction debris, rock, dirt, trees, stumps, logs, sod, rail road ties, concrete, paint or oil. Red Oak does not offer tree or brush removal services.
Christmas tree removal service is offered the two weeks following New Year's. The tree must be cut in sections shorter than 3 feet for disposal purposes; multiple cuts may be necessary.
All packing peanuts and/or loose trash must be bagged and tied off to prevent the items from blowing all over the streets.
Whether recycling or not, all boxes must be empty. You can leave out up to twenty-one (21) boxes per week, and they must be broken down completely flat and tied with twine or duct tape in manageable bundles no larger than 4’x4’ with no more than 7 boxes per bundle. Please lean bundles next to the appropriate cart placed curbside.
If you forget to put your trash out, you can call the Red Oak offices as soon as possible to request assistance. Red Oak has a scout truck that typically can perform pickups before the next scheduled service day.
You can reach Red Oak customer service via email at or by phone at (678) 455-7819. You can view a list of other contact options by clicking here.
Hall County has a number of sites where trash and recycling can be dropped off. The closest of these facilities is the Sardis Road Compactor (link). For information on other Hall County sites, click here.